Projects in implementation

Proposing Economy(ies)
Small and Medium PV System Database in the APEC RegionEWG 14 2015A2015Energy Working Group (EWG)Thailand
Best Practices for Developing the Green Energy Smart Farm in the APEC RegionEWG 23 2015A2015Energy Working Group (EWG)Chinese Taipei
APEC Water-Energy Nexus Expert WorkshopEWG 07 2015A2015Energy Working Group (EWG)United States
Reducing Losses in Power Distribution through Improved Efficiency of Distribution TransformersEWG 05 2016A2016Energy Working Group (EWG)China
Research on Energy Storage Technologies to Build Sustainable Energy Systems in the APEC RegionEWG 04 2016A2016Energy Working Group (EWG)China
Study on the Cost-Effective Renewable Energy-Supply Solutions based on Innovative Solar Technologies to Promote Green Buildings in APEC RegionEWG 03 2016A2016Energy Working Group (EWG)China
APEC Low-Carbon Model Town (LCMT) Project, Phase 7EWG 02 2016A2016Energy Working Group (EWG)Japan
Gaps Assessment on APEC Energy Efficiency and Conservation Work Toward Fulfilling the Leaders’ Energy Intensity Reduction GoalEWG 01 2016A2016Energy Working Group (EWG)United States
Off Grid Electrification Option for Remote Regions in APEC EconomiesEWG 07 2016A2016Energy Working Group (EWG)China
APEC Workshop on Energy StatisticsEWG 02 2017S2017Energy Working Group (EWG)Japan
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