Completed Projects

Proposing Economy(ies)
Promoting Energy Modelling in APEC RegionEWG 05 2022A2022Energy Working Group (EWG)Hong Kong, China
Achieving Carbon Neutrality through Bio-Circular-Green Economy Principle in APEC RegionEWG 10 2021A2021Energy Working Group (EWG)Thailand
Support Offshore Wind Deployment and Grid Connection in APEC RegionEWG 06 2021A2021Energy Working Group (EWG)China
Assessing Existing and Planned Hydrogen Infrastructure to Facilitate Widespread Hydrogen Use in the APEC RegionEWG 01 2021A2021Energy Working Group (EWG)United States
APEC Workshop on Strategies and Successful Case Studies on Solar EnergyEWG 10 2019A2019Energy Working Group (EWG)Viet Nam
Clean Energy Startups Forum: Advancing Market Reach and Business GrowthEWG 16 2021A2021Energy Working Group (EWG)Indonesia
The Promotion of Community Waste-to-Energy SystemEWG 14 2020A2020Energy Working Group (EWG)Chinese Taipei
APEC Workshop on Sharing Best Practices in Developing ESCO Models for Energy EfficiencyEWG 11 2021A2021Energy Working Group (EWG)Viet Nam
Promoting Energy Efficient and Resilient Data Centres in the APEC RegionEWG 05 2021A2021Energy Working Group (EWG)Hong Kong, China
APEC Capacity Building Workshop on Retro-Commissioning (RCx)EWG 09 2020A2020Energy Working Group (EWG)Hong Kong, China
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