Completed Projects

Proposing Economy(ies)
Energy and Economic CompetitivenessEWG 02 2015S2015Energy Working Group (EWG)Japan
Cyber-Energy Nexus Study - Opportunities, Challenges and Best Practices for Smart Energy TechnologyEWG 02 2014S2014Energy Working Group (EWG)United States
Conference on APEC Green Energy FinanceEWG 03 2016S2016Energy Working Group (EWG)Chinese Taipei
Case Studies on the Best Practices of Wind Energy Development in APEC RegionEWG 24 2015A2015Energy Working Group (EWG)Viet Nam
APEC Public-Private Dialogue on Promoting Trade and Investment in Renewable and Clean EnergyEWG 20 2015A2015Energy Working Group (EWG)Viet Nam
A Comparative Study on Multi-Field Applications of Building-Mounted Photovoiltaic (BMPV) in the APEC RegionEWG 18 2015A2015Energy Working Group (EWG)China
APEC Workshop on Promoting the Development of Biomass EnergyEWG 16 2015A2015Energy Working Group (EWG)Viet Nam
Promoting Renewable Power Generation with Fuel Cell TechnologiesEWG 13 2015A2015Energy Working Group (EWG)China
Capacity Building on Strategies and Implementation of Low-Carbon Town in APEC EconomiesEWG 10 2015A2015Energy Working Group (EWG)China
Workshop on Experiences and Plans to Double Renewable Energy Utilisation by 2030 in the APEC RegionEWG 05 2015A2015Energy Working Group (EWG)United States
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