Completed Projects

Proposing Economy(ies)
APEC Initiative for Quality of Electric Power Infrastructure DevelopmentEWG 06 2015S2015Energy Working Group (EWG)Japan
Systematic Design of Green Skills Development in Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET)HRD 01 2014A2014Human Resource Development Working Group (HRDWG)China
Developing Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) Guidelines as an Anti-Corruption ToolEC 08 2014A2014Economic Committee (EC)Thailand
Education on Financial and Economic Literacy HRD 06 2012A2012Human Resource Development Working Group (HRDWG)China
Cooperative Study on Efficient Renewable Resources Integration and Distribution Technologies for Smart Grid ConstructionIST 01 2011A2011Industrial Science and Technology Working Group (ISTWG)China
Transport, Energy and Environmental Benefits of Intermodal Freight StrategiesTPT 01 2010A2010Transportation Working Group (TPTWG)United States
Capacity Building of Mining Stakeholders in APEC Economies on Corporate Social Responsibility (Phase 2)MTF 01 2011A2011Mining Task Force (MTF)Philippines
Unconventional Gas Expert WorkshopEWG 16 20112011Energy Working Group (EWG)United States
Quality in Higher Education: Identifying, Developing, and Sustaining Best Practices in the APEC RegionHRD 04 20102010Human Resource Development Working Group (HRDWG)United States
Youth Sustainable Water Resources Education and Hub Development in APEC RegionHRD 08 2015S2015Human Resource Development Working Group (HRDWG)Chinese Taipei
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