All Approved Projects

Proposing Economy(ies)
PREP - Peer Review on Efficient PowerEWG 12 2017A2017Energy Working Group (EWG)United States
Improving Digital Financial Literacy in APEC (Pilot Workshop for Papua New Guinea)FMP 01 2018S2018Finance Ministers Process (FMP)Australia
Accelerate the Transition to a Circular EconomyPPSTI 07 2018S2018APEC Policy Partnership on Science, Technology and Innovation (PPSTI)Chinese Taipei
APEC Seminar on Promoting Innovation and Internationalization of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)PPSTI 06 2018S2018APEC Policy Partnership on Science, Technology and Innovation (PPSTI)China
APEC Digital Hub for Mental Health Round Table Meeting on Data StandardizationLSIF 01 2018S2018Life Sciences Innovation Forum (LSIF)Philippines
Building the New Leadership of Infectious Disease Prevention and Control among APEC EconomiesHWG 02 2018S2018Health Working Group (HWG)China
Workshop on Healthcare Accreditation in AEC Region, Phase 1HWG 01 2018S2018Health Working Group (HWG)China
Leveraging the Digital Economy to Promote an Inclusive Tourism Industry WorkshopTWG 01 2018A2018Tourism Working Group (TWG)United States
Asia-Pacific Womens Entrepreneurship: Regional Capacity Building in APEC HubsPPSTI 05 2018S2018APEC Policy Partnership on Science, Technology and Innovation (PPSTI)Australia
Workshop for Developing a Collaborative Framework for Online Dispute ResolutionEC 05 2018A2018Economic Committee (EC)United States
Improving Networks of Community Mental Health Services in the Asia Pacific Economies HWG 02 2018A2018Health Working Group (HWG)Peru
Capacity Building Workshop on Information Gathering Techniques for Assessing the Services EnvironmentGOS 04 2018S2018Group on Services (GOS)United States
Mass Transit Urban Rail InitiativeTPT 03 2018S2018Transportation Working Group (TPTWG)China
Empowering a Distributed Energy Resource Future through Regulatory and Market ReformsEWG 11 2017A2017Energy Working Group (EWG)Thailand
APEC Public-Private Dialogue on Sharing Economy and Digital Technology Connectivity for Inclusive DevelopmentPPSTI 01 2018A2018APEC Policy Partnership on Science, Technology and Innovation (PPSTI)China
Promoting Quality Infrastructure Investment in Rapidly Urbanizing APEC RegionCTI 02 2018T2018Committee on Trade and Investment (CTI)Japan
The Role of Standards for Driving Gender EqualitySCSC 04 2018A2018Sub-Committee on Standards and Conformance (SCSC)Mexico
Promoting Competition Assessment for Improved Market Efficiency in Viet NamEC 03 2018A2018Economic Committee (EC)Viet Nam
Workshop on Implementing the APEC Electric Vehicles Roadmap OutcomesAD 01 2018A2018Automotive Dialogue (AD)United States
APEC Women in Agriculture and Fisheries (WiAF): Workshop on Sharing Information on Best Practices and Policies on Women Participation in Agriculture and Fisheries to Enhance Food Security and Sustainable Livelihoods in the APEC RegionPPFS 03 20182018Policy Partnership on Food Security (PPFS)Papua New Guinea
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