All Approved Projects

Proposing Economy(ies)
APEC Capacity Building Workshop on RTA/FTA Negotiation Skills on TransparencyCTI 07 2019A2019Committee on Trade and Investment (CTI)Viet Nam
Capacity Building and Technical Assistance to Implement Programs related to WTO TFA Article 8 (Border Agency Cooperation)CTI 05 2020A2020Committee on Trade and Investment (CTI)United States
APEC BCG Economy Thailand 2022: Tech to BizPPSTI 08 2022S2022APEC Policy Partnership on Science, Technology and Innovation (PPSTI)Thailand
APEC Workshop on Strengthening Supply Chains Resilience for Economic RecoveryEC 03 2022S2022Economic Committee (EC)China
APEC Workshop on Practices and Promotion of Circular AgricultureATC 02 2020A2020Agricultural Technical Cooperation Working Group (ATCWG)Chinese Taipei
APEC Case Study: Best Practices of Smart Cities in the Digital AgeSCE 02 2019S2019SOM Steering Committee on Economic and Technical Cooperation (SCE)Chile; China
Completion Assessment of AEC 2020 Forest Cover GoalSCE 01 2019S2019SOM Steering Committee on Economic and Technical Cooperation (SCE)China
APEC Public-Private Dialogue on Remote Areas Development in the Digital EraSCE 01 2018S2018SOM Steering Committee on Economic and Technical Cooperation (SCE)Russia
Recovering from COVID-19: Successful Practices among APEC Economies on the Use of IP as a Collective Tool to Foster and Promote Economic Development and Recovery of Vulnerable Populations and MSMEsIPEG 01 20212021Intellectual Property Rights Experts Group (IPEG)Peru
Regulatory/Market Settings to Support Greater Electrical Energy Storage Development for Sustainable and Socially Responsible Electricity Sector C02 Emissions Reductions in APEC EconomiesEWG 03 2022A2022Energy Working Group (EWG)Australia
Enhancing Implementation of Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) through the APEC ODR Collaborative Framework and Other Fora including CourtsEC 01 2022A2022Economic Committee (EC)Japan
Stakeholder Engagement and Capacity Building on the APEC Collaborative Framework on Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) to Improve Cross-Border Trade in IndonesiaEC 02 2022A2022Economic Committee (EC)Indonesia
Digital Innovation and Educational OpportunitiesPPSTI 01 20212021APEC Policy Partnership on Science, Technology and Innovation (PPSTI)Chile
Industry 4.0: Enabling Technologies and Inclusive Digitisation for Post-COVID-19 Economic Recovery in APEC Value ChainsPPSTI 03 20202020APEC Policy Partnership on Science, Technology and Innovation (PPSTI)Peru
Blueprint for Advancing Good Regulatory Practices in the APEC RegionSCSC 10 2022S2022Sub-Committee on Standards and Conformance (SCSC)United States
APEC Sectoral Symposia on the Holistic Approach of DecarbonisationEWG 03 2022S2022Energy Working Group (EWG)Japan
Improving Transparency and Knowledge of Food Safety Requirements for Trade Food in the APEC RegionSCSC 03 2021T2021Sub-Committee on Standards and Conformance (SCSC)China
Public-Private Dialogue (PPD) on Promoting Transparency of Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT) WTO Notifications: Improviding Completeness and Clearness of InformationCTI 01 2021T2021Committee on Trade and Investment (CTI)Peru
Public Policy, Fintech and SMEs: Recommendations for Promoting a New Financing EcosystemSME 09 2019A2019Small and Medium Enterprises Working Group (SMEWG)Chile
APEC Workshop on Strategies and Successful Case Studies on Solar EnergyEWG 10 2019A2019Energy Working Group (EWG)Viet Nam
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