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Ad Hoc Group on Economic Trends and Issues (ETI); Anti-Corruption and Transparency Experts Task Force (ACT); Anti-Corruption Task Force (ACTF); Anti-Corruption Working Group (ACWG); APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC); APEC Senior Officials (SOM); APEC Study Centres Consortium (ASCC); Competition Policy and Deregulation Group (CPDG); Cultural Focal Point Network (CFPN); Early Voluntary Sectoral Liberalisatio (EVSL); Eminent Persons Group (EPG); Environment Experts Meeting (EM); Fisheries Working Group (FWG); Gender Focal Point Network (GFPN); Government Procurement Experts Group (GPEG); Health Task Force (HTF); High Level Dialogue on Agricultural Biotechnology (DAB); High Priority Initiatives (HPI); Informal Experts Group on the Mobility of Business People (IEGBM); Marine Resource Conservation Working Group (MRCWG); Not Applicable / Other; Pacific Business Forum (PBF); Policy Partnership on Food Security (PPFS); Regional Energy Cooperation Working Group (RECWG); Senior Finance Officials Meeting (SFOM); SOM Ad Hoc Advisory Group on Gender Integration (AGGI); Strengthening Economic Legal Infrastructure (SELI); Task Force for Emergency Preparedness (TFEP); Trade and Invesment Data Working Group (TIDWG); Trade Promotion (TPWG); WTO Capabity Building Group (WCBG); SOM Steering Committee on ECOTECH (ESC); Electronic Commerce Steering Group (ECSG); High Level Policy Dialogue on Agricultural Biotechnology (HLPDAB); Agricultural Technical Cooperation Working Group (ATCWG); Anti-Corruption and Transparency Experts Working Group (ACTWG); APEC Experts Group on Illegal Logging and Associated Trade (EGILAT); APEC Policy Partnership on Science, Technology and Innovation (PPSTI); Automotive Dialogue (AD); Budget and Management Committee (BMC); Business Mobility Group (BMG); Chemical Dialogue (CD); Committee on Trade and Investment (CTI); Competition Policy and Law Group (CPLG); Counter Terrorism Task Force (CTTF); Economic Committee (EC); Emergency Preparedness Working Group (EPWG); Energy Working Group (EWG); Finance Ministers Process (FMP); Group on Services (GOS); Health Working Group (HWG); Human Resource Development Working Group (HRDWG); Industrial Science and Technology Working Group (ISTWG); Intellectual Property Rights Experts Group (IPEG); Investment Experts Group (IEG); Life Sciences Innovation Forum (LSIF); Market Access Group (MAG); Mining Task Force (MTF); Oceans and Fisheries Working Group (OFWG); Policy Partnership on Women and the Economy (PPWE); Senior Officials Meeting (SOM); Small and Medium Enterprises Working Group (SMEWG); SOM Steering Committee on Economic and Technical Cooperation (SCE); Sub-Committee on Customs Procedures (SCCP); Sub-Committee on Standards and Conformance (SCSC); Telecommunications and Information Working Group (TELWG); Tourism Working Group (TWG); Transportation Working Group (TPTWG); Counter Terrorism Working Group (CTWG) 
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